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Athrun Zala (Gundam Seed)

Profile Athrun Zala



Gundam Seed Destiny – Season 1 Profile:

Athrun Zala is 16 years old and a member and leader of the elite team name Le Creuset. He wears the red uniform mean that he is a member from the elite team. He is originally arrange marriage with Lacus Clyne by his father. Lacus is a pop star singer and is very well known for her singing also her family. In other main word his fiancé is Lacus Clyne. Soon Lacus fell in love with Kira. His Father Patrick Zala, the former president of Zaft. Athrun father dies at the end. Eventually Athrun is a coordinator. His best friend Kira Yamato is foe now because Kira was suppose to fight with Athrun against the Natural. Kira want to protect it now they fight against each other and a war with Earth Forces Against Zaft. Athrun soon pilot the GAT-X303 Aegis and ZGMF-X09A Justice. Athrun mother dies in the war while is father ignores him. The only person there for him was Kira. Soon after they are reunited for a minute so they have becomes foe. While the war begins, Athrun met Cagalli Yula Athha. He soon fell in love with her. At the end Athrun feel like in order to remain peace he decided to go against his own people and help Kira against Zaft because Zaft main goals is to get rid of all Naturaks not even one spare life which Athrun’s father who wishes it and did start it. So now Athrun goes against his father. He also has Seed Mode. Seed Mode is when you tapped in to this stage where you are very brilliant and get all the info you need to susced what you want it though at first Athrun at first could not control his seed but soon after her self destruct his Aegis Gundam in Kira. Athrun soon control his Seed Mode because of this tragedy. He also good at building things. He built a haro for Lacus and bird for Kira.


Gundam Seed Destiny – Season 2 Profile:

After the war with Natural and Coordinator, 2 years later Athrun Zala is 18 years old and is the body guard of the ORB representatives, Cagalli Yula Athha. He said that he is now to ORB. He name is not Athrun Zala he uses the name Alex Dino though his name in Zaft, Athrun Zala is very famous. Later on A war with the Natural and the Coordinator start again because Zaft has more power and when power comes a lot another nation wanted that power like technology. Like Cagalli said power is something that cause conflict. Athrun of course don’t want to see this so Athrun goes to Zaft personally and wanna stop the war but he feels that he need to re-enlisted to Zaft so he did and the chairmen Gilbert gave him a new mobile suit call ZGMF-X23S Saviour. Not only that Gilbert make Athrun one of FAITH members. One of the highest class. Higher then the Elite one. Now he have to fight against ORB and Earth Forces because Yuuna, another helper of Cagalli took advantage of her and make Orb sides with the Earth Forces which Cagalli don’t want to be part of this anyway so now Athrun Zala have to fight with his fiancé Cagalli and his friend Kira. Athrun propose to Cagalli because Yuuna like Cagalli and Athrun have to leaves to Zaft to stop the war (which it does not work) so he gave her a ring. Though he did have a new gundam after the Savior was destroy be Kira. His new Gundam is ZGMF-X19A INFINITE JUSTICE GUNDAM. Also there is a lot of girls that is after him in the season.


Athrun Zala Love Life

Athrun Zala love life came’s in when Lacus Clyne and Athrun was fiancé by arrange marriage though sooner Athrun met a girl name Cagalli. Soon Athrun learns that his fiancé love Kira and soon he had feeling for Cagalli. Then who would have guess that in the next season 3 girls that is after him.

Lacus Clyne is Athrun fiancé at first then she soon met Athrun best friend Kira and fell in love with him. She is a pop star singer and know as the pink princess.

Lunamaria Hawk is in Zaft and a girl who is an member of the Elite Task Force with Shinn Asuka. All elite member wear red uniform anyway I think she loves him for his statues. Though she is in the same ship with Shinn Asuka. The ship name is call the Minerva. She pilot the Gunner Zaku Warrior in the color red.

Mia Champell is a pop star singer but is a imposter of Lacus Clyne. Gilbert gave her this job. I think she loves him because she really want to be like Lacus because everyone think that Lacus and Athrun is still engage but not.


Cagalli Yula Athha is the one that Athrun truly love even though there is a lot of girls after him. On top of that she is the princess or known as the representatives of ORB. She also has Seed Mode.

Athrun propose to Cagalli and gave her a ring.cagalli-athrun-ring


Athrun Zala Mobile Suit

GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam is Athrun first gundam. Athrun stoled the gundam from the Earth Forces. It was destroy be the self distruct by Athrun and Kira showdown. Athrun self distruct it on Kira gundam call the Strike and win the showdown. Though he did use this mobile suit more than half of the series.


Model number: GAT-X303

Code name: Aegis Gundam

Power sources: Ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; Phase Shift (PS) armor

Fixed armaments: 24 x beam saber, 1 stored on each arm and leg; shield, mounted on left arm; 60mm beam rifle, power rating unknown, stored on right hip, hand-carried in use; Scylla 580mm energy cannon, power rating unknown, operable only in mobile armor attack mode,  x Igelstellung 75mm multi-barrel CIWS fire-linked, mounted in head.

ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam is Athrun Zala 2nd gundam in Gundam Seed. It was made by Zaft and this mobile suit is a nuclear mobile suit gundam. This Mobile suit was being self distruct by the former pilot Athrun in the last war of the Coordinator and Natural. He stop the genesis with it by self disturcting it but it worth it very much.


Made by: ZAFT

Code name: Justice Gundam

Manufacturer: ZAFT Model number: ZGMF-X09A

Powerplant: Ultracompact nuclear fission reactor, power output rated at 8826 kW
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Phase Shift (PS) armor; Neutron Jammer Canceler; Fatum-00 backpack/subflight lifter, can be separated from main body and remote-controlled for attack or use as subflight system

Fixed armaments: 2 x MA-M01 “Lacerta” beam saber, stored on hips, hand-carried in use,docked with meteor, 2 x 120cm high-energy beam cannon, 2 x 93.7cm high-energy beam cannon, 2 x MA-X200 beam sword , 77 x 60cm Erinaceus” anti-ship missile launchers ,22 per pod, 12 per arm unit, 9 on tail fin,Optional hand armaments: MA-M20 Lupus” beam rifle, power rating unknown, 2 x MMI-GAU1 Sagittus 20mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x RQM51 Bassel beam boomerang, mounted on shoulders, hand-carried in use; backpack/subflight lifter: 2 x M9M9 Cervus turret machine gun, 2 x MA-4B “Fortis beam cannon, mounted over shoulders in HiMAT (High Mobility Aerial Tactics) mode; 4 x GAU5 “Volucris” machine gun,Optional fixed armaments.

ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam is Athrun Zala 3rd gundam. This mobile suit was made by Zaft. In the next and continues show of Gundam Seed. Now since Gundam Seed Destiny comes out Athrun has a new gundam after he self distruct his Justice Gundam. This Gundam was destroy by his best friend Kira Yamato is because Kira try to help his sister Cagalli while Athrun seem to be like in the opposite sides of her so Kira was piss of at Athrun saying that u hurt the thing that Cagalli want to save which is ORB Cagalli nation so Kira destroy the Savior with Kira Yamato gundam the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundams.


Made by: Zaft

Model number: ZGMF-X23S

Code name: Saviour Gundam

Powerplant: Ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Phase Shift PS armor, deuterion beam energy supply system, allows for remote recharging of energy with battleship call the Minerva

Fixed armaments: 2 x MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; MMI-RD11 aerodynamic shield, mounted on left arm; 2 x M106 Amfortas plasma beam cannon, mounted on backpack, can be fired in mobile suit and mobile armor mode; 2 x MMI-GAU2 “Picus” 76mm machine gun; 2 x MA-7B Super Fortis beam cannon; 2 x MA-M941 Vajra beam saber, stored on shoulders, hand-carried in use Optional hand armaments: MA-BAR70 high-energy beam rifle, power rating unknown.

This Mobile suit is Athrun 4th mobile suit. This mobile suit known as ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam.


Model number: ZGMF-X19A

Code name: Infinite Justice Gundam

Armament: Beam cannon x 2, beam boomerang x 2, CIWS x 2, beam rifle x 1, beam saber x 2 and many more.



Athrun Zala Qoute


Love never ends,

– Baby Yula –

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